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Let us be your anchor.

If you are an attorney handling mass tort or multidistrict litigation cases and want to secure funding for your law practice, then contact us now. Your attorney advance does not have to be paid back until the settlement funds from your case are available to be disbursed.
Anchor has an extensive growing network of attorneys similar to you.
Anchor Fundings gets you an advance on your legal fees now so you have the flexibility to expand your law practice.
Be ahead of the game, leverage your case load.
Invest in additional marketing, free up money to invest in your law practice, cover your overhead, pay outstanding fees. Anchor Fundings can help finance your cases by providing the funds you need to outlast the case.

Looking to anchor your law practice today? We may have the solution.

Efficient Process
Founded and run by experienced professionals Anchor Fundings has developed the most efficient process available so that you can maximize the use of your time.
  • Your time is Important, we recognize that and make it a priority. Contact Us to schedule a phone consultation with a dedicated Anchor Representative. Contact us any time 24/7
  • We will respond to your requests immediately and our efficient approval process will save you time. Contracts, acknowledgments, and all documentation can be provided to you within hours.
  • Disbursement of advance provided immediately. We will work with you to make sure the advance is transferred seamlessly. Variety of transfer options available.
  • Call Us Now at 800-268-3758.
    An Anchor representative is waiting to speak with you
We will work to fund your advance as soon as possible. The average transaction time, from submission of a full application until an advance is received by clients is about 24-48 hours.
Additional Benefits
Additional Funds
As your situation changes we can advance you additional funds. Contact an Anchor representative and we will work with you to make sure you have the funding you need to accomplish your goals.
Structured Settlements
If you need to arrange a structured settlement for one of your clients, choose Anchor and we will provide your clients with the same quality of service provided to your firm. We offer highly competitive rates.
Application Process
We expedite the review of your application to ensure you receive your money advance as quick as possible.
  • Free to Apply
    No Upfront Fees
    No Credit Risk
    Quick Application Review
  • You provide Anchor with your case details and contact information.
    Complete a full application.
    Get a approved quickly.
  • We Handle the Rest Anchor your Firm's finances now.

Reputation You Can Trust

Anchor works with individuals and attorneys and is considered a reliable expert in the industry.
We provide the highest quality customer service and work with our clients to meet their individual needs.
We strive to go above and beyond just providing cash advances and want our clients to have the information and resources available to them to make informed decisions about their financial future.
You can trust that your clients will be treated professionally. Let us anchor your finances today.
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